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Community Transit’s electronic news and rider alerts help keep you informed about Snohomish County’s public transportation agency - and your favorite bus route. Alerts can be received by email or text message (see Wireless Alerts). Simply subscribe to the topics of interest to you.

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Subscription Topics

Here is a description of the categories of information to which you can subscribe, listed in order of popularity:

Riders Alerts by Route

Our most popular subscription category is bus-route specific alerts. When construction or severe weather impact service, when bus stops are impacted or we’re considering service changes, you’ll hear from us. Our "snow plan" calls for posting alerts by 5 a.m. and 2 p.m. weekdays to notify bus iders of any service changes on your route prior to peak commute times.

You won’t hear from us when your bus is occasionally delayed by traffic or other problems. That’s because at this time we do not have real-time information about all 200+ buses we have out on the road. We are not able to notify passengers of minor delays or unexpected, temporary service disruptions or cancellations.

  • Pass Sales / ORCA: Updates on retail pass outlets and pass policies.
  • Transit Development Plan: News on Community Transit’s six-year and long-range transportation plans and related outreach efforts.
  • News Releases: Agency announcements and other news are posted on our website and sent out to this subscriber group.
Park & Rides

Subscribe by location for parking, construction, service and other news related to our major commuter parking lots.


Receive notices for Community Transit board and other official meetings.

Bike to Work

This group receives notices primarily during Bike to Work Month activities in April, May and June.

Wireless Alerts

You can receive Rider Alerts about your bus route or park & ride via your text messaging-enabled cell phone, pager or PDA. First, enter your primary email into the subscriber box above. When you complete the "subscriber preferences" form, select the "Wireless Alerts preferred" box and complete the next steps. You'll need to know what your service provider assigns as your email address for text messages. Regular text message charges will apply.

When you choose from the items on the Quick Subscribe page that have the WiFi symbol , you will receive a text message version of any alert sent in that category. Messages are abbreviated to fit within 140 character space limitations.

Not all alerts are wireless enabled, so if you subscribe to other topics (such as a newsletter or media releases), you will receive those at your primary, non-wireless email address while receiving notices about your bus route on your PDA or cell phone.

To unsubscribe from text alerts, just reply STOP. Allow 24 hours for unsubscribe to take effect.

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