Community Transit


Rules & Policies

Rules And Policies

Bus conduct is regulated by state laws and Community Transit policies to make the ride safe and enjoyable for all passengers.

Passenger Conduct
  • Please give front seats to seniors, pregnant and disabled passengers.
  • Place large items such as strollers out of the aisle.
  • Keep your belongings clear of the aisle and other seats. No feet on seats.
  • No eating or drinking while on the bus. Food and beverages may be brought on board only if they are in spill-proof containers. Alcohol is not allowed.
  • Smoking, and/or use of tobacco products (including e-cigarettes, vapor pens, chewing tobacco, etc.) is prohibited:
    • on buses
    • at bus stops
    • within 25 feet of a transit facility
  • Listen to audio devices using headphones that limit the sound to the individual user. Please put your cell phone ringer on vibrate.
  • Limit the length, volume and content of cell phone conversations so as not to disturb other passengers.
  • Always stand behind the line at the front of the bus. Stay clear of doorways.
  • Fishing poles must be disassembled and secured.
  • Rollerskates or rollerblades cannot be worn on the bus.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn on the bus.
  • Any article with an offensive odor or of a spillable nature must be contained.
  • No flammable or hazardous materials allowed, including car batteries or gasoline.
  • No fireworks of any kind are allowed on buses or transit property.
  • Fighting, littering, spitting, unruly behavior and harassment are illegal.
  • No illegal weapons.