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Fares & Passes

Community Transit Fares

Community Transit local fares apply on all trips within Snohomish County.

Community Transit commuter fares to Seattle are based on distance. Customers who board "North/East" of Everett pay a higher fare for commutes into Seattle than customers who board in the "South/Everett" area.

If you ride a commuter route within Snohomish County only you are eligible to pay local fare for that trip, but be sure to notify the driver before tapping your ORCA card - otherwise the farebox will automatically charge the commuter rate.

Service Category Adult
Reduced Fare Monthly Pass
Adult /Youth /Reduced Fare
Local $2.00 $1.50 $1.00 $72 / $54 / $36
Commuter-South/Everett $4.00 $3.00 $2.00 $144 / $108 / $72
Commuter- North/East* $5.25 $4.00 $2.50 $189 / $144 / $90

* Applies on Routes 421, 422, 424, 425, 821 when travelling to/from Seattle and Lake Stevens, Marysville, Monroe, Snohomish or Stanwood. Notify the driver if travelling only between Seattle and Lynnwood Transit Center to be charged the "South/Everett" fare.

Fares are subject to change.


Fare Increase Proposal
To help keep revenues in line with expenses, Community Transit is proposing a fare increase that would go into effect on July 1, 2015. The proposed fare increase would raise fares 25 cents on all adult local and commuter bus trips, as well as all DART paratransit trips. No other fares are affected.


Table of Proposed Fare Increase showing 25 cents increase on all adult and commuter trips










Table showing Proposed 25 cent increase for DART Paratransit







Up to two children age 5 and under can ride free when a person responsible for them pays either a full or reduced fare for themselves. Youth between six years of age and senior year of high school qualify for a youth fare. High school students may be asked to show identification to receive youth fares.

To purchase a youth fare ORCA card, the youth or their parent or guardian must go in person to the RideStore at Lynnwood Transit Center or to Everett Station and bring proof of age or student status.

Reduced Fare: Senior (65+), Disabled, Medicare

People age 65 and older, people with disabilities and Medicare card holders are eligible for a reduced fare provided they show a Regional Reduced Fare Permit. The permit entitles you to a discounted ride on regular bus routes throughout the Puget Sound region and on Washington State Ferries. It also allows for a personal care attendant to ride free when traveling with a disabled customer.

Permits have a one-time cost of $3 and require a completed application or proof of age. Permit may be purchased at the RideStore at Lynnwood Transit Center or at Everett Station. For more information, see our ORCA Outlets page or call the RideStore at (425) 348-2350.

All permits are also ORCA cards that can be loaded with pre-paid fare (E-purse) or a monthly pass. If you have an older, non-ORCA Regional Reduced Fare Permit, you can exchange valid permits for a new Regional Reduced Fare card at no charge by visiting your local transit agency’s customer service office.

  • If you pay cash and you take more than one bus or train to get to your destination, you will have to pay full fare each time you board.
  • If you have an ORCA card, your transfer credit is automatically calculated based on the fare of your first trip. Simply tap your card on the second bus within the two-hour transfer period. If the next trip you take has a higher fare, the ORCA reader will display the difference and either deduct it from the  "E-purse" value on your card or prompt you to pay the amount in cash.
  • King County Metro Transit tickets and transfers are good on Metro buses only. Community Transit does not accept Metro tickets or transfers. If you use both systems, consider getting an ORCA card.
  • See Who Takes My Ticket? Chart for information on what passes and tickets are accepted by various transit agencies.

ORCA Bus Passes

Buy a new ORCA smart card and enjoy the benefits of not having to pay cash each time you ride. The ORCA card works like cash or a pass, automatically tracking the value of different fares and transfers so you don't have to. ORCA is valid on all transit systems in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

Once you have a card, it can be reloaded anytime, in any of the ways listed below. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours before your card’s new value is valid on the bus - plan ahead.

ORCA Card E-purse

Newer or infrequent transit riders should consider purchasing pre-paid transportation value on an ORCA card, similar to having a pre-paid coffee card or bus tickets in the past. With an ORCA “E-purse,” the fare value of your ride is deducted automatically from your card, and if you need to take a second bus or transportation mode to complete your trip, the transfer credit is calculated as well. If the second trip costs more than the first, additional fare will be deducted automatically from your card and shown on the card reader.

“E-purse” value may be purchased in dollar increments with a minimum purchase of $5 and a maximum of $300. You can add value at any time by phone, online or in person, or set the card to “autoload” whenever it falls to zero.

Monthly Pass

For frequent customers (more than 18 roundtrips a month), we recommend a monthly pass (click here for prices). Like the PugetPass, a monthly pass on an ORCA card is good for unlimited rides on transit systems throughout the region. Pick a trip value for the pass based on the fare of your most frequent trip. For instance, buy a $2 pass if you’re an adult who takes local Community Transit buses. If you take a bus or train with a higher fare, you can pay the cost difference with cash or by having E-purse value on your ORCA card.

Instead of getting a new pass each month, you just load a new pass onto your ORCA card or set your account to load automatically.

If you ride the Washington State Ferries, you can load a WSF monthly pass on your ORCA card (creating your own "Ship to Shore" pass), or use your E-purse to pay for car and driver or passenger ferry rides.

Skagit Transit has its own monthly passes, which are not accepted by other transit agencies.

Where to get ORCA

Customers can buy a new adult ORCA card and load transportation value or passes onto existing cards at:

  • by phone at 888-988-6722 (ORCA)
  • Sounder train stations including Everett, Mukilteo and Edmonds
  • RideStore at Lynnwood Transit Center, 20110 46th Ave. W, Lynnwood
  • Everett Station Customer Service, 3201 Smith Ave., Everett

Customers who pay a youth fare must purchase their ORCA card in person (youth or parent/guardian) at the Everett Station or RideStore. Bring proof of age or student status.

Customers who qualify for the reduced fare (seniors 65+, people with disabilities and Medicare card holders) must get their ORCA Regional Reduced Fare Permit in person at the Everett Station or RideStore.

Other Passes

Edmonds Community College offers an ORCA-powered EdPass to students, staff and faculty.

The EdPass/ORCA is valid for unlimited rides on all Community Transit buses and DART paratransit vehicles. Users can load E-purse value or a separate monthly pass onto to use the card on other agencys' services.

Central Washington University, Lynnwood Campus, also offers students an ORCA card for unlimited transportation on Community Transit.


The U-PASS, offered through the University of Washington at the Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma campuses, is valid for full fare on Community Transit, King County Metro, Sound Transit and Everett Transit.

Instead of a U-PASS sticker, the new Husky card U-PASS is inside the smart chip in the Husky card.

Cascadia Community College also offers the U-PASS.

DART Paratransit

The DART paratransit fare is $2. There are no discounts or separate fare categories.

Since ORCA cards are not accepted on Dial-A-Ride-Transportation buses, Community Transit  sells DART Paratransit tickets and monthly passes for use by DART customers. In addition to DART services, the DART passes and tickets are good for face value ($2) on all regular Community Transit buses. They are not accepted by any other transit or paratransit agencies. If you are already a DART customer, you can order your tickets online here. Contact the RideStore at Lynnwood Transit Center for assistance: 425-348-2350.