Community Transit


The Route Ahead

Great transit systems make great cities

Great transit systems connect people with jobs, health care, schools and community— whether that community is large or small; urban, rural or both.

Snohomish County is a great place to live and work, and its people deserve the best. In coming years, the county will be among the leaders in both population and job growth.

As Snohomish County's public transportation provider, Community Transit has a vision and a plan to build a world-class transit system for our world-class community.

The Route Ahead Brochure DownloadOur Transit Future

Imagine a community where public transportation is a viable alternative to driving your car each day.

Where a network of Swift bus rapid transit buses travel every 10 minutes on the county's major east-west and north-south corridors.

Imagine a quick safe trip from your neighborhod to your job or school. Seamless integration with Sound Transit light rail stations in Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood and Everett.

Community Transit already has the basic network in place, and is ready to move forward with three stages.


 ONE  Making what we have better

Today, up to 40,000 people ride Community Transit buses, vanpools and DART paratransit vehicles every weekday. That's more people than live in Lynnwood or Edmonds and adds up to 10 million riders a year!

Our vision, whether you ride the bus or not, is to have our system work for everyone throughout the county.

We plan to increase the number of trips throughout the system. so schedules become less important and connections more reliable. This includes more buses in the mid-day, more trips on the weekend and more seats to Seattle and UW.

We plan to expand our daily hours of service so people can catch a bus earlier in the morning and later at night. 

We want to take you to work and get you home.

 TWO  More Swift Lines

Major metropolitan areas often have trains that get you everywhere at any time. In Snohomish County, we have Swift: bus rapid transit that acts like a train for fast, frequent transit service.

Swift serves fewer stops than regular buses and runs more frequently to create more predictability and faster service. Our first Swift has become the agency's highest ridership route and has ushered new economic development along Highway 99 from Everett to Edmonds.Today's Service and Future Service Map

We help create jobs, and we take people to those jobs!

Planning is well underway for a second Swift line that would connect Paine Field/Boeing with Canyon Park/Bothell. In addition to serving nearly 100,000 jobs at those two endpoints, this line will cross paths with the first Swift at Highway 99, creating fast and easy connections along both corridors.

The best part: This second Swift line can be up and running as early as 2018? And a third line is possible by 2023.

 THREE  Going more places more often

In addition to making our current system better and adding more Swift lines, we will expand our overall service.

This involves creating new routes in areas we don't currently serve, and connecting communities we already serve in new ways.

Think Marysville-Lake Stevens, Stanwood-Everett or service along Highway 9.

With our network of future Swift lines-- in the north and south county, and connecting east and west parts of the county-- that vision of leaving your car at home becomes realistic.

The Route Ahead

A world-class transit agency leads by example.

Community Transit has lead the way with many innovations, such as Swift and Double Tall buses, and was first among local transit agencies in the Puget Sound to adopt a comprehensive 20-year transportation plan in 2011.

We have the vision and we have the plan. We now need the funding to bring a world-class transit system to Snohomish County.

The question is not whether we will achieve our vision of providing world-class transit for Snohomish County.

The question is when and where the additional funding will come from.