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Board Approves Feb. 2013 Service Changes

October 8, 2012

Snohomish County, Wash. – The Community Transit Board of Directors last week approved several minor route changes that will go into effect in February 2013. The changes are a continuation of service adjustments following a complete bus network restructuring that took place in February 2012.

In addition to several route changes, the agency will add 30 commuter trips between south Snohomish County and downtown Seattle and the UW. These changes are funded by a federal grant and state matching money, at no extra cost to the transit agency.

The February 2013 route changes are:

Route 112 (Ash Way Park & Ride – Mountlake Terrace Transit Center)

Route 112 buses will be routed into the Lynnwood Transit Center from 44th Ave. West along 200th Street northbound, and 48th Ave. and 194th Street southbound. This slight reroute will improve connections to local businesses, other buses and improve transfers.

Route 417 (Mukilteo – Downtown Seattle)

Route 417 buses will no longer travel on 44th Avenue W, north of 196th Street in Lynnwood. Instead, buses will travel on Highway 525 from Mukilteo to I-5, then get off at 196th Street before serving the Lynnwood Transit Center. Northbound routing will be the reverse. This change will provide a peak-hour connection with Route 196.

Route 885 (Lynnwood – UW)

Route 885 trips will be eliminated and replaced with trips on Route 880. The two routes currently serve much of the same corridor at different times, except that Route 880 does not serve the Lynnwood Transit Center. Riders wishing to travel between UW and the Lynnwood Transit Center can take Routes 810, 821 or 855.

Additional Commuter Trips

Community Transit has received federal grant funding to operate 30 additional commuter trips between south Snohomish County and downtown Seattle and UW. These trips will be distributed among several routes where there is currently the highest demand. A final schedule will not be ready until early 2013, but the agency expects to add trips to Routes 402, 410, 412, 413, 415, 416, 417, 810, 855 and 860.

Funding for these additional trips comes from a new state transit fund and a Federal Transit Administration Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant to alleviate congestion on I-5 during peak hours. The trips will be distributed among the morning and afternoon peak times based on demand. Community Transit had not planned to add service due to budget constraints, but these funding sources allow the agency to operate these trips at no extra cost.


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