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Board Approves Feb. 2013 Fare Increase

November 1, 2012

Youth passengers get price break on commuter trips to Seattle and UW

Snohomish County, Wash. – The Community Transit Board of Directors today approved a fare increase for all services – local and commuter buses, DART paratransit, and vanpool – that will take effect Feb. 1, 2013.

The fare increase is intended to help the agency keep pace with inflation and maintain its current service levels. The move also puts Community Transit’s adult local fare on par with other agencies. The new adult fare will be $2; Pierce Transit also charges $2 and Metro charges $2.25 for non-peak and $2.50 for peak-hour local service.

Community Transit local bus fares will increase by 25 cents for all riders – adults, youth and reduced fare riders (disabled and seniors).

Commuter bus fares to King County from Everett and south Snohomish County will increase by 50 cents for adults and reduced fare customers, and 25 cents for youth.

Commuter bus fares to King County from north and east Snohomish County will increase by 75 cents for adults and reduced fare customers, and 25 cents for youth.

DART paratransit fares will increase by 25 cents. Vanpool fares will generally increase by 10-15 percent, depending on the number of passengers in a van and mileage for the trip. Also, the board approved a plan to tie vanpool fares to federal mileage reimbursement rates and administrative costs, so vanpool fares will be reviewed every year in the agency’s budget.

The original proposal reviewed by the board called for youth commuter rates to increase the same as the other fare categories – 50 cents for south county trips and 75 cents for north/east county trips. After discussion, it was decided that such an increase would fall above agency guidelines targeting youth fares at 75 percent of adult fares and reduced fares at 50 percent of adult fares. Because there are few youth (age 6-18) riders on commuter buses, the financial impact is negligible.

View the fare chart for detailed new fares for each service category.

Additional Commuter Trips

Community Transit has received federal grant funding to operate 30 additional commuter trips between south Snohomish County and downtown Seattle and UW. These trips will be distributed among several routes in that area where there is currently the highest demand. A final schedule will not be ready until early 2013.

Funding for these additional trips comes from a new state transit fund and a Federal Transit Administration Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant to alleviate congestion on I-5 during peak hours. The trips will be distributed among the morning and afternoon peak times based on demand. Community Transit had not planned to add service due to budget constraints, but these funding sources allow the agency to operate these trips at no extra cost.

Community Transit is responsible for providing transportation options for Snohomish County residents, including bus and paratransit service, vanpool and ridesharing options. Call Community Transit at (425) 353-7433 or (800) 562-1375 for bus information, or (888) 814-1300 for carpool or vanpool information, or go to

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