Community Transit


Transit Technologies

Technology is changing the face of public transportation.

From ORCA and Transit Signal Priority (which provides a longer green light for Swift buses), technology has already improved Community Transit service. Updates recently made to our radio network allow for improved communications between bus drivers and our operations base, further demonstrating how technology helps transit.

Over the past year, the agency has been installing new equipment on our buses and at some transit facilities that will provide improved operations and a better customer experience. This equipment and the technology behind them will eventually provide real-time bus information to customers at home, at work or on the go.

Transit Technologies will allow the agency to:

  • Automatically announce stops via on-board speakers and electronic signs
  • Know the location of each bus via global positioning systems (GPS), which will assist in improving on-time performance
  • Provide computer-aided dispatch to help keep buses on schedule
  • Give drivers better communication tools while on the road
  • Provide customers with real-time bus information at any given bus stop within a 60-minute window. Because of traffic and other unexpected issues, the closer to scheduled arrival time you check, the more accurate the information will be.
  • Provide customers at Swift stations and major transit centers with next-bus arrival signs to help them complete their trips.
  • Give planners more accurate data about boardings, deboardings and time between stops to enable more efficient and productive routing and scheduling
  • Automatically count passengers so we know how many people actually board at each location

Transit Technologies have already been implemented on our DART paratransit fleet, allowing dispatchers to increase productivity, improve on-time performance and reduce operating costs.