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Van GO Grants

Van GO Grants Keep Our Community Moving

What is Van GO?

Van GO originated in 2000 following route cuts and eliminations due to the passage of I-695. At its regular February 3, 2000 meeting, Community Transit’s Board of Directors unanimously approved a staff proposal that six wheelchair accessible minibuses and six 15-passenger vans be granted to qualifying non-profit organizations throughout Snohomish County. The goal was to ease some of the pain for senior citizens, the disabled and youth caused by the service cuts.

Vehicle Descriptions

Vehicles that are earmarked for surplus auction will instead be granted to non-profit agencies. Usually, retired Community Transit vans sold at auction net a few thousand dollars each for the agency. By granting some of these surplus vehicles to community groups, they can continue to provide many times that value in transportation services.

Surplus vehicles to be granted in 2016 as described below:

  • Up to ten 7-passenger vans (no wheelchair lifts). Chevrolet Uplander, gas engine, automatic transmission, approximately 100,000 miles.
Eligibility and Selection Criteria

All non-profit organizations and agencies with 501(c)3 status, who primarily serve residents of the Snohomish County Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA), are eligible. The PTBA serves all incorporated cities and towns in Snohomish County with the exception of the City of Everett. The PTBA also includes the Tulalip Reservation and portions of unincorporated Snohomish County.

Questions about eligibility, limits of the PTBA and other questions about the program should be directed to Debbie Anderson at (425) 438-6136 or vango at commtrans dot org.

Other Rules and Requirements
  • Vehicle must be used for transportation-related purposes for citizens who live within Community Transit’s public transportation benefit area.
  • Only one vehicle will be awarded per agency/organization in an 18 month time frame.
  • Applicant must include clear designation of primary applicant who will be named as buyer on vehicle title, if selected as a recipient.
  • Applicant must certify they have the financial and management capacity to insure granted vehicle, if selected as a recipient.
  • Applicant must certify they have the financial and management capacity to maintain vehicle in good working condition.
  • Applicant must provide a copy of their IRS 501(c)3 non-profit certification.
  • Recipients are required to sign an agreement relating to the exchange of vehicles for transit-related services. A sample agreement is included in the application packet.
Selection Criteria Summary

The selection process is competitive and involves a review and evaluation process using the weighted criteria identified below. In addition to these specific criteria, geographic equity, diversity in population groups served, and whether an agency has received a grant vehicle previously will be used as balancing factors in making final decisions. 

  1. Demonstrated Community Benefit (weighted 50%)
    Explain clearly the scope and nature of your agency’s transportation need and what data you have to support that need. Include what service you currently utilize, what other options are available to your organization and how your program will meet that need and coordinate with other programs to get maximum use.
  2. Total Number of Trips Provided (weighted 20%)
    Clearly define and document the number of passenger trips to be provided annually.
  3. Clarity and Quality (weighted 15%)
    Applications will be rated on content, clarity, presentation and quality of application proposal – based on legibility, completeness, provision of data and clear definition of transportation needs and planned vehicle use.
  4. Service Coordination (weighted 15%)
    Describe how your current and proposed service coordinates with other transportation services in the area to ensure broad community benefit.


Application Schedule
June 3, 2016 Begin accepting applications
June 30, 2016 Pre-application workshop
August 31, 2016 Deadline for submitting applications
September 1-16, 2016 Review and scoring of applications by Community Transit staff
November 3, 2016 Vehicle awards will be announced
November 24-28, 2016 Estimated date of vehicle delivery to recipients
Application Submittal

Paper applications must be postmarked no later than August 31, 2016. Electronic or hand-delivered applications must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 31, 2016. Electronic applications must be followed by a hard copy containing the appropriate certification signatures. Applications should be sent to:

Debbie Anderson
Transportation Demand Management and Outreach Specialist
Community Transit
7100 Hardeson Road
Everett, WA  98203-5834